ACTION FIGURE NEWS: Jobs For The Boys (And Geeky Girls)

3 Jan

Life in plastic, it's fantastic. You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere. That's enough.

Despite lacking the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, swing from a web or go all green and ape-shit for no well-defined reason, an all-new action figure of Apple out-of-action man, Steve Jobs, has been unveiled by creepily crazy Chinese toy Company Dragon in Dream. Standing 12-inches tall, the iCEO Mini is the perfect likeness of his Jobsness, complete with turtleneck and jeans.

Why, you ask? Well I’m at a loss when it comes to explaining that, but the Daily Mail is outraged, describing it as “poor taste”, so I’m all for it.

Due out at the end of Feb for a whopping/bargain US $100 (depending on your take on this kind of cack), snap it up now before they sell out. Or don’t, there’ll probably be a smaller, slimmer, better version out in six months anyway…

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