SVI Magazine Newsflash: Like Deja Vu All Over Again

21 Feb

This just in: Publishing industry news hotter than a curried sun…

Now that former Editor Sam Corrigan has left the AV and Install industry’s finest magazine, SVI (Sound Vision Install), to wander the corridors of academia as a trainee teacher (those that can’t, Sam…), I’ll be hopping back into the Editorial hotseat for the next two issues – a hotseat I orginally occupied back in 2003 when I first launched the publication, before sitting back with the knowledge of a job almost too well done as Editor-in-Chief from 2004-2011… and then sitting back further still to the point of horizontal when I went freelance last year.

AV it large

Lucky subscribers will be blessed with my unique powers of Editorship over both April (SVI Awards Special) and May issues, with fruity online ‘extras’ available too for SVI website looker-at-ers.

So PRs, feel free to send me info and images to: get the news here and follow me as though I were some kind of  AV and Install News-Jesus here: @svimag

Members of the public, feel free to follow and send images too. I’m not sure what of, but I didn’t want you to feel excluded.



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