Just Who Is Stuart Pritchard?

Raiding Lost Arks, or something, on a press trip in Egypt.

Hello you. I’m Stuart Pritchard, 38 and 6’3″ tall at the time of writing this in 2011. Today, in 2019, I’m 45, pushing 46, yet my height remains unnervingly the same. I’m what we like to call a freelance journalist/consulant editor/content provider – technically a journalist without a proper job. I’ve worked in publishing for donkey’s years (like Earth years but with added ass), mostly in the lifestyle magazine market and mainly as the Editor-in-Chief of the luxury lifestyle title SmartLife International (2010 ABC certified as amongst the 19 top-selling UK men’s magazines, and which you’ll no doubt have been a massive fan of if you’re over-blessed with money).

Alongside launching and editing SmartLife for 11 years, I also launched and simul-ran SVI (Sound Vision Install), the AV trade’s premier magazine, and edited the pub trade magazine Freehouse Owner for a couple of years, all whilst freelancing for a broad range of magazines on many different subjects. Mostly gadgets.

You’ll find examples of my work everywhere from the swankiest hotels to on the  interweb to left discarded under bushes in the local woods. In fact it can be truly said that my words are scattered like the breadcrumbs of Hansel and Gretel after some savage bread-based forest storm.

Since stumbling chaotically into the realm of full-time freelance in May of 2011 like a drunk into a kebab house, I’ve written for and edited a variety of websites and spent a brief stint as Freelance Editor of Meze, another luxury lifestyle magazine. I also found time to become a father, because you can never have enough stress in your life.

The Magazines

Read any of these? Then you’ve been reading my stuff!

SmartLife International (Editor & Editor-in-Chief)

SVI (AV and Custom Install trade magazine. Editor & Editor-in-Chief 2003 – 2011. Freelance Editor 2012 – 2019)

Retail Packaging (Retail packaging trade magazine. Freelance Editor 2014 – 2019)

RP cover v3-1smaller






Gun Mart (All in the name. Managing Editor 2014 – on-going)

GM Cover AUGUST 15small







Freehouse Owner (Freehouse pub trade publication. Editor)

Meze (Luxury lifestyle/Business Travel magazine. Editor of Oct and Nov issues. Gadget reviews for Dec issue)

Business Edge (Regular Contrib – Business Tech/Gadgets)

Le Magazine (Hotel du Vin chain. Regular Contrib – Consumer Tech)

It’s Mal Life (Malmaison Hotel chain magazine. Regular Contrib – Consumer Tech)

Global Adventure (Travel Contrib)

Computer Active! (Home Automation gadgets)

Move or Improve (Home Automation and Custom Install)

For The Bride (Editorial Assistant)

The Gadget Show Live 2012 Guide

The Gadget Show Live 2013 Guide

The Gadget Show Live 2014 Guide

Mayfair (Regular Contrib – Consumer Tech)

Club (Regular Contrib – Consumer Tech)

Knave (Regular Contrib – Consumer Tech)

Fiesta (Regular Contrib – Consumer Tech)

The Zine (Sub Editor)

Or if you’ve visited any of these websites…


Life of Android

Tesco Phone-Shop Blog

Carphone Warehouse Appys

Vodafone World of Difference




Or if you’ve received a press release recently or in the past on any of these…

Monitor Audio

The Rafayel Hotel

Blue Aura v30

Blue Aura WS30i

The Grow Room

NACSound Geminos

Redact smartphone app

Aragoma online art auction house

The Elevator private equity magazine

Lusso luxury magazine

And that’s pretty much it for the moment, but hopefully I’ll be adding to all three of these lists as this blog grows and the commissions and cash come rolling in. Failing that my next job in publishing will likely be in Sales… on the Big Issue.

You can contact me directly at: stuart@pritchardmedia.com



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